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August 2022


An Escape From the “Jaws of Delusion”

In 2013, we were in what one energy efficiency expert at the time described as “the jaws of delusion”: a belief, sometimes employed in long-term planning processes, that fossil gas would always be cheap. As David Farnsworth writes in a new blog, soaring prices and the increasing demand for U.S. LNG have now proved this point — and demonstrate the need for alternatives to over-reliance on gas, including electrification and energy efficiency.



NOx Emissions Limits for Water Heating

Controlling emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) could help to attain a variety of Clean Air Act goals that remain elusive, and gas-fired water heaters are a significant source of NOx. Rulemaking to limit these emissions could transform the market for water heaters, encouraging the adoption of efficient electric heat pump models. Nancy Seidman’s paper on this concept was accepted for presentation at this week’s Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, hosted by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). In a short video, she describes how the rule would work.



DER Deployment: Benefits for India

The promotion of distributed energy resources in India, which is key to reducing emissions and lowering electricity costs, requires action by utility regulators and policymakers. Encouraging more private-sector participation, along with putting in place advanced metering and more sophisticated tariffs, could help to empower customers. Raj Addepalli examines these issues in a new paper, the first in a series on DER deployment in India.

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Building a Renewable-Ready Grid

In a presentation for the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, Dr. Carl Linvill discussed the economic and decarbonization benefits resulting from regional collaboration on transmission projects, as well as the role legislators can play in paving the way.

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