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April 2022


The time is now: smart charging of electric vehicles

The coming decade will be pivotal to Europe’s transition to zero-emission mobility and energy — with smart charging of electric vehicles driving significant change. The time-varying tariffs and smart charging services paving the way for progress, however, are distributed unevenly across European countries. To help decision-makers evaluate these offerings, RAP has produced a comprehensive overview of 139 residential rates and services and offered policy recommendations to accelerate smart charging in Europe.

This study is a follow-up to our foundational report Start with smart.



Shaping the Fit for 55 package to drive heat pump market

To decarbonise energy systems and drastically reduce exposure to volatile energy prices, policymakers around the world have deemed it essential to remove fossil fuels from heating. Heat pumps remain the key technology to do just that. This new report — a collaboration among RAP, Agora Energiewende, CLASP and the Global Buildings Performance Network — makes the case that the Fit for 55 package, with some reforms, can drive a robust heat pump market in the EU.



How Poland became Europe’s fastest-growing heat pump market

When it comes to deploying heat pumps, Poland leads in Europe. Technicians installed more than 90,000 units in 2021, an overall market expansion of 66%. How did the nation achieve such growth? As Monika Morawiecka and Jan Rosenow explain, Poland’s success hinges on ambitious long-term planning, robust policy support, and carefully built trust with customers and installers. The authors also put forward three solutions to remaining challenges to further development of the heat pump market.



Seeking associate for RAP’s Europe programme

RAP is offering an exciting opportunity to join a collaborative international team to work on cutting-edge clean energy topics. Our Europe programme will hire an associate for energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation, with a focus on buildings and electrification. We hope to hear from you.

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RAP talks energy transition:

  • Catch the two April episodes of the Watt Matters podcast featuring Gniewomir Flis from Energy Revolution Ventures, and Julian Popov from the European Climate Foundation and Monika Morawiecka of RAP.

Listen here

  • View the latest recordings of Electrification Academy webinars, featuring Hannele Holttinen of the International Energy Agency and Nick Eyre from the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute.
Watch here
  • Listen to the BBC Inside Science interview with RAP’s Jan Rosenow and Alice Bell of Possible a climate charity. The interview starts at 5 minutes, 35 seconds.

Listen here


China moves towards larger markets, more clean energy

Policymakers in the southern part of China recently issued a work plan for what will become the first multi-province electricity spot market in the country, echoing a number of RAP’s recommendations. It is an important test case for regionalising clean energy and breaking down long-standing barriers between provinces that stymie renewables and protect local coal. (Report is in Chinese; an English summary is available here.)

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“Where we’re going next is clearly in favour of renewable electricity and heat pumps.” — Jan Rosenow


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