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September 2022


Modernizing Gas Utility Planning

With electrification and other alternatives to fossil gas presenting new options and uncertainties, gas utilities will need to modernize their planning processes. In a new paper, Elaine Prause looks at the current landscape for U.S. gas planning and lays out principles for ensuring that planning is equitable, integrated, collaborative and offers an expanded range of solutions to customers.



Make the Swap: Time for Heat Pumps

Amid rising gas prices and groundbreaking U.S. climate legislation, heat pumps are in the national spotlight. But what is the most feasible and cost-effective path for consumers to adopt and operate heat pumps in their homes? In a webinar conversation on Oct. 26, co-hosted by RAP and CLASP, panelists will talk about the opportunity for a “hybrid heating” solution, in which heat pumps replace aging air conditioners.



The Clash With Gas: Europe’s Transition

European policymakers currently face the challenge of a lifetime. In uncertain times, they are tasked with securing the supply of energy and protecting disadvantaged consumers while maintaining momentum towards long-term climate goals. Fulfilling this mandate will require breaking Europe’s dependence on fossil gas — whether supplied by Russia or other sources. In a new paper, RAP outlines five principles to help decision-makers navigate the transition away from gas.

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