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June 2022


Energy Transition Guides for Munis and Co-ops

Rural cooperatives and municipal utilities face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to making the most of the energy transition. RAP worked with Climate Cabinet Education and Pace University to produce two guides that can help muni leaders and co-op directors make responsible, forward-looking planning decisions and investments.



Regulators and Advisory Services: What’s Next?

As the electrification of vehicle fleets goes mainstream, utilities are responding by providing “advisory services,” which is both creative and presents new challenges for utility and air regulators. Jeff Ackermann revisits a recent RAP webinar and offers some thoughts from a former regulator’s perspective.



A Blueprint for Meeting Decarbonization Goals

Accomplishing climate neutrality by 2050 in the European Union requires a zero-emissions power sector by the mid-2030s—a time frame that makes the “need for speed” clear. With this goal in mind, RAP has created the Power System Blueprint, an interactive website that allows visitors to view different options for decarbonizing Europe’s power system by 2035.



Online Now: Visions for a Clean Heat Standard

States across the country are exploring ways to lower the emissions associated with a particular energy demand: building heat. In a webinar discussion, panelists took a closer look at a variety of these efforts under way.

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“New England customers will be paying for the over-reliance on gas this winter.”

- David Littell, senior advisor, in Utility Dive (“Appeals court partly strikes down FERC approval of ISO New England winter reliability program,” June 21)

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